Tips To Keep Your Vehicle In Pristine Condition

September 6th, 2021 by

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Staying on top of your car’s maintenance will keep your car in good condition and allow it to last longer. Maintaining your car’s maintenance also plays an important part in keeping both the driver and the passenger’s car safe while on the road. Many people don’t realize that neglecting your car puts them and others at risk. In addition to safety, if you would ever want to sell or trade in your car, the better condition it’s in, the more money you will receive in return. These tips are some things you can do periodically to keep your vehicle in great condition.

Inspect & Maintain Tires

Knowing how to maintain your car’s tire pressure can help reduce wear on your tires, as well as save you hundreds of dollars from having to buy new tires. This will also ensure you are getting good gas mileage to your vehicle.

Change the Oil

Want your car to last a long time? Well, changing the oil is one of the most important components of car maintenance. This task will keep your car in running condition and if done regularly and on time, it will extend the life of your vehicle.

Check the Fluids

There are several fluids that should be kept at the appropriate levels to help keep your car running properly. A leak in one of these fluids can majorly affect the way your car runs. If you are wondering what is leaking, you can usually identify this by its color.

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid

Change Engine Air Filter

When your engine air filter is dirty, it can cause other particles to build up and enter the engine, which reduces its efficiency.

Have Your Breaks Checked

Any vehicle’s brake pads need to be checked regularly. When coming to a stop, listen for any noise and feel for any vibrating of the pedal. If you are experiencing any of these things, consult with a mechanic about your brakes.

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Wash Your Car

Your car is exposed to all sorts of elements. From the debris on the road to the weather, your car feels it all. Some of these hazards are not only unsightly but can cause damage to paint and the undercarriage.

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